Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The people of Tunisia demands a new independent government free from any ties with the old political party

Daniel Cohn-Bendit delivers a clear and concise message to the French parliament about their obligations towards the Tunisian people and Tunisia.

Friday, January 14, 2011


Viva Tunisia

À la demande de lecteurs tunisiens, un petit dessin pour leur souhaiter du courage !

More videos from yesterday, shows the repression...

Silence ! Ben Ali reprime ! from roswell1990 on Vimeo.

Last night my best friend Walid Mechlaoui was killed!

Last night Walid Mechlaoui was shot and overnight succombed to his injuries and passed away in hospital. Walid is a school teacher in Mornag, one of the many impoverished cities of Tunisia. He was courageous and was a man of honor. He loved Michael Jackson and Bruce Springsteen...Just a normal person, like most of the other Tunisians on protesting on the streets of Tunisia, who refused to live under the dictatorship of a criminal. Rest in Peace Walid, we Tunisians and I personnaly will revenge you and all the others who lost their lives with you!